What Can You Do Today?

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Step away from the computer and look at your office or walk around your home. Do you see some areas that irritate you? When you walk by them are they shouting at you "Get me picked up!" or "How did this get so bad?" Just think about it - inanimate objects are making you feel bad! Want to do something about it?

Just pick one room - I don't care which room but pick one. Take a piece of paper and draw a circle in the middle and write what room you are working on in the middle of the circle. Now look around the room and notice the major areas that are bugging you. For example, in your family room the major areas might be the TV cabinet, the coffee table, the toy area, and an end table. In your office the major areas might be the desk, file cabinets, bookcase, and the floor under the window. Write down a major area on each line or branch coming out from the circle. 

Look at each major area and decide if you have any smaller areas to organize. Using the example of the family room and the TV cabinet possible sub branches are drawers, DVDs, and magazines. Using the example of the desk in your office sub branches may be drawer 1, drawer 2, top of desk, and floor under the desk.

Be creative and fun with your mindmap! Use colored pencils, markers, and draw pictures. 

What we're doing here is taking a major project and breaking it down into smaller areas so it won't be so overwhelming. It's almost impossible to look at an entire office and think "Ok, today I'm going to organize my office" and then, of course, feel defeated as you look over all that you have to do. With your mindmap you're just going to take one sub branch and organize that first and then go on to the other smaller areas - one at a time.

Now it's time to prioritize your mindmap. Decide what sub branch you're going to do first, and then second, and so on. Circle the one you want to do first and write a '1' by it, then a '2' by the second. etc. This next step is very important! Go to your calendar and make an appointment with yourself to organize that first area. If you don't do this it will not happen - I can guarantee it. You can have great intentions but you need to set aside the time.

Once you've completed the first area give yourself a great reward, pat yourself on the back, and then set a date to organize the second area. You'll be amazed at how this works and before you know it your stuff is no longer yelling at you!!

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What Can You Do Today?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30