The Coastal Region Of Kenya

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Other than Nairobi and Great Rift Valley attractions, Kenya's coastal region is also a must visit for visitors in the country. You will not only be rewarded with sun kissed white sand beaches, but you will also get a special treat viewing centuries-old buildings, Arab-inspired villages and exciting ports of call.

Mombasa, home to the busiest and biggest port on the east coast of Africa, makes a good day trip. Don't just pass by the area in favor of more beautiful and touristy locations.  There are a few attractions you need to check out first. Top of the list is Fort Jesus which dates back to the 16th century and reflects the turbulent history of this part of Africa.

Fort Jesus stands sentry at the strategic entrance of the harbor to protect the city from hostile invaders. Take a lazy stroll from the port towards the Treasury Square. It is not just another boring government building because it houses some of the best exhibits of wild life skeletal frames. Its Ivory Room is not called such because of its color, but rather because of the elephant ivories or tusks beautifully displayed. Game of all kinds are also well represented in the form of teeth, horns and skulls that were collected from the carcasses left in the wilds or confiscated from poachers apprehended in the area.

Just a short one hour drive from Mombasa will bring you to the vast landscape of Tsavo National Park. It's the perfect place to get a glimpse of many exotic animals such as antelope, giraffe and rhinos.

There are also a good number of monkeys and buffalo in the area as well as the largest herds of elephant in all Kenya. Don't be surprised by the elephant's reddish appearance, they take on the hue because of the crimson colored soil of the region. The park features several pools, but check with the guide as to which ones have an observation area, which will be the the best place to get a closer look of the hippos and crocodiles in their real life habitat.  

For more exciting beach scenes, head to Malindi, just north of Mombasa. It is a tourist favorite owing to the stunning white sand beaches and great spots for deep sea fishing. It is also home to two of Kenya's stunning national marine parks: Watamu's and Malindi's.

For diversity, check out Lamu and its idyllic way of life. This small island, one of several in Lamu archipelago, features exquisite Arab houses, charming mosques and narrow meandering streets that are a delight to walk around. Take note of the houses' doors and their intricate carvings quintessential of Arab architecture. You can't afford to miss the mandatory dhow trip to other picturesque islands and their beautiful beaches. It's definitely a trip worth taking.

These parks feature a fantastic crystal clear blue lagoon and stunning beaches in an area just perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Enroute to these parks, another site worth checking is the ancient town of Gedi that dates back to the 15th century.

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The Coastal Region Of Kenya

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This article was published on 2010/09/13