Lake Mountain Biking in Reno

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The American area of Reno is often referred to as the adventure place of America. There is a wealth of recreational activities on offer within this area including lake mountain biking. There are a vast number of different biking trails within the area and these vary in length. There are some trails that are located near Lake Tahoe and also Sierra Nevada. The amount of possibilities for mountain bikers is actually endless within this area.

The area of Reno is located within the northern part of Nevada among the high desert. This weather within this area is also great for biking as they can be used all year round. The summer months in Reno are not too hot so you do not feel too hot to exercise and the area very rarely sees any snow during the winter months.

There are some wonderful lake mountain biking trails that circle Lake Tahoe. Biking within this area is a must for all keen mountain bikers. There are so many trails around this area that it is possible to do a different trail every single day, if you so wish.

As well as the lake mountain biking trails there is also a lot of urban biking trails. Some of the urban trails run across foothills and some climb the canyons and flats that are located within the northwestern part of Reno.

Biking within the area of Reno is excellent and can be enjoyed by all members of the family. There is a vast array of bike shops within the area so it is possible to get anything that you require to make your adventure memorable. One thing to always consider when choosing trails is the elevation as the area goes up to about six thousand feet but there are some places that are higher than this. It is best to take it easy when you first start mountain biking and gradually build up to the more adventurous trails.

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Lake Mountain Biking in Reno

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This article was published on 2010/04/02