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If you are coming to Buenos Aires you need to find some place to stay. You may want to investigate apartment rentals in the City of Buenos Aires, or you may be interested in the Buenos Aires hotels. Either way you are going to find hundreds of places to stay, ranging from simple inexpensive accommodation right up to super luxury homes in the garden suburbs. There are also centrally situated hotels to suit most budgets and apartments right in the hub of the city. Exquisite penthouse apartments with or without roof gardens will give you views of the city that are breathtaking.

The areas where you will find accommodation include the following from among Buenos Aires 48 barrios [districts or neighbourhoods]:

Downtown, or El Centro. Here amid the buzz and excitement you will experience the Latin vibrancy of the Argentinian people. The nightlife, shopping and entertainments will be at your doorstep. During the day it is the hub of business and government and where you will find many historical monuments.

Abasto. This is the tango district. It throbs to the tango beat and you will see dancers day and night. You will see traces of its romantic past in the cobbled streets and antique street lamps. There is also a large shopping mall.

Belgrano. Famous for its ice creams, Belgrano is an upmarket area, with lovely architecture and a lively, youthful atmosphere.

Caballito. This is the student town of Buenos Aires, near the University of Buenos Aires. It is tree filled and has plenty of book stores, cafes and parks, as well as shopping and nightlife.

La Boca. One of the most interesting and oldest parts of Buenos Aires to the south east near the old port. This district of gaudily painted houses and run down streets is the home of people of mixed European descent, and has had a stormy relationship with the rest of Argentina. In 1882 they tried to secede from the rest of the country and ally themselves with Genoa in Italy. It has always been the home of more radical politics. The first socialist member of the Argentine Congress was elected here.

Recoleta. This barrio is one of the most sought after by tourists. A wide variety of accommodation here ranges from neat but inexpensive apartments to the most sumptuously luxurious. It is a smart, classy area with many tourists sights, public areas, and some of the best restaurants in town.

Palermo. This forms the largest district to the north of Buenos Aires. Quiet, quality, tree-lined residential area, ideal for travellers who want to escape the noise and bustle of the rest of the city.

Palermo Viejo, also known as SOHO, is the opposite. Vibrant, youthful and buzzing with activity. This is the place of artists, designers, trendy shops and all night partying.

La Canitas. An older area that is being upgraded into a pleasant residential and apartment area.

Monserrat and San Telmo. They are old, attractive and historically interesting areas.

Zona Norte. Upmarket large country houses with gardens and pools.
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Hoteis Em Buenos Aires

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