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The Great Barbados Adventure

Travellers to the Caribbean could do a lot worse than visiting the Barbados area. This is an island that is located within the Lesser Antilles. Its length is about thirty four kilometres and the width is twenty three kilometres. The total area space is about four hundred and thirty one kilometres. It is one of the great tourist destinations in the area. On the other hand it also lies within the famous hurricane belt so visitors are advised to check out the weather patterns before they start the journey that is going to take them to the area.

A historical view of Barbados

The area was once a Portuguese territory but came under English control in about 1625. The current population is just under three hundred thousand people and about eighty thousand of them live in the Bridgetown area which is the capital city. The independence was won in 1966 but it retained the English monarch. It is the most developed island in the region. In fact it is the third most developed country in the western hemisphere after Canada and the United States of America. That means that the tourists will not miss any of the creature comforts that they are used to in their own homes.

Some statistics for Barbados

Surprisingly for such a small island, Barbados is the 51st riches country in terms of Gross Domestic Product per capital. It runs on a mixed economy and the people there have a high standard of living. It is classified by the World Bank as one of the 66 top high income economies. Sugarcane was a prime source of income but manufacturing and tourism have taken over. The presence of offshore finance products has also improved the wealth profile of the nation and put it at the forefront of international business. The unemployment level stands at about 10% which is much better than many nations on earth especially given the economic downturn.

The hub of rich people in Barbados

The island has acquired a reputation for inviting rich investors that often decide to stay the full course. This has meant that it has an economy that is very much comparable to many of the countries that are developed within the area. It also has relatively high prices because of the presence of rich people. Tourists should be prepared to pay quite significant amounts of money in order to enjoy the charms of the Barbados area.
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Barbados All Inclusive Resort

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Barbados All Inclusive Resort

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This article was published on 2010/10/04